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School Visitations


ADEE undertakes visitations to dental schools both within and outside Europe. The school visits are conducted in accordance with the principles of DentEd, an EU funded thematic network on dental education. This 3-phase network - DentEd, DentEdEvolves and DentEd III extended over a ten year period between October 1997 and September 2007.

The first phase of DentEd focused heavily on peer visitations to dental schools.  The visits were undertaken following the completion of a self assessment process by the school in accordance with a DentEd self assessment template.  Both the DentEd and DentEdEvolves visitations were conducted along stringent guidelines.  

The prospect of a positive peer assessment proved to be a major driving force for constructive change within dental schools visited; introducing innovations which impacted affirmatively on the school and the university.  This observation was amongst key outcomes revealed by an in-depth evaluation study and analysis of the impact of the DentEd/DentEdEvolves School Visitation System on dental and stomatological institutes in Europe. You may download the school visitation Impact Report below.

The protocol and guidelines for ADEE visitations are similar to those used for earlier DentEd visits. 

Key points ADEE School Visit
  • Requests for an ADEE visitation to your school should be submitted in writing or via email to the ADEE central Office 6-9 months in advance of an envisaged visit date in order to facilitate scheduling and the availability of members of a visit team
  • The pre-site visit self assessment documentation must be completed and submitted to ADEE at least  eight weeks in advance of the visit to facilitate circulation all members of the visit team.  
  • The duration of a school visit is 3-4 days. Guidelines are set out in the Guidelines and Self Assessment document.  
  • Each visiting team consists of a Chair, a Rapporteur and 2/3 team members

You may download the Guidelines and Site-visit Self Assessment template here (in Word Doc format):

School Visit Self Assessment Template & Guidelines

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