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The 2023 Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green©’ Awards

The Association of Dental Education in Europe (ADEE), the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA) and Henry Schein are pleased to announce the launch of the Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green©’ Awards.


Aimed at embedding an ethos of sustainability within the educational lifecycle for oral health professionals and within their educational and clinical practice, best practice environmental examples will be showcased and recognised through participation in this programme.

EDSA members have advocated the need for inclusion of sustainable and green practices within the undergraduate curriculum for many years. ADEE responded to this challenge with the Association’s Special Interest Group in sustainability currently finalising an update to the Graduating European Dentist that will embed and further enable sustainable education and clinical practice for oral health professionals of the future. It is now the appropriate time to recognise leaders in the field of environmental and sustainable practices within our membership and acknowledge their contribution and best practice in an appropriate manner.

As the world’s largest provider of health care solutions to office-based dental and medical practitioners, Henry Schein recognises that with the Company’s global environmental footprint and unique position within an ecosystem of relationships with suppliers, business partners, and customers, the Company can be a driving force for sustainability.

Practice Green© is an international sustainability initiative of Henry Schein, designed to encourage practitioners, practice teams, and dental laboratories to become more eco-friendly and to help empower the health care community to establish sustainable practices for a healthier planet.


With that in mind the Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green©’ Awards provides member institutions three specific areas of focus so as to showcase and highlight their sustainability work:

Faculty Campus Initiative

Here we want to hear about your sustainable and green campus initiative. Examples might include waste reduction and segregation initiative, removal of single use product, energy conservation and alternative methods of supply, carbon footprint reduction initiatives, and many more.

Faculty Curriculum Initiative

In this category, we want to hear how you have integrated the concept of sustainability within the undergraduate and where relevant the post graduate curriculum for oral health professionals. 

Faculty Procurement and Product Use Initiative

This category is an opportunity to highlight your work on ‘green’procurement, repair and reuse of equipment, the replacement of product and services with sustainably sourced alternatives.

Member institutions can apply by using the online portal. Entry is limited to one application per institution and must have the support of the Dean or equivalent.


Entry to the Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green©’ Awards is limited to one application per institution and must have the support of the Dean or equivalent. Entry must be made through the online portal, involves three stages, and requires the applicant institution to record a short 5-minute video outlining the institutions initiative:

Verify your institution is an ADEE member and complete the online application form including agreeing to the terms & conditions and data privacy terms.

Upload the letter of support from the Dean or equivalent that verifies they support this application and give the applicant authority to apply.

Upload your pre-recorded video and any accompanying brief text you wish to add (Maximum 100 words). Check our Video Recording Guide with tips for recording your submission.


Evaluation and shortlisting of submissions will be carried out by the Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green© committee. This is Chaired by the ADEE president, and is composed of a nominee from Henry Schein, EDSA and invited sustainability experts.

To find out more about the 2023 Panel click here.

When reviewing the applications, the panel is in particular looking for:

  1. How the stated aims and objectives of the initiative meet wider sustainable and green policy aims,
  2. How the initiative fits within a wider strategy for sustainability and its alignment with international policy,
  3. How the wider faculty and student body have been engaged in the processes of this initiative,
  4. How the initiative has had
    • Environmental impact
    • Financial Impact
    • Educational Impact
    • Process Impact
    • Cultural Impact,
  5. How the institution tends to advance this initiative going forward.

We therefore recommend that your video (which cannot exceed 5 minutes) at minimum addresses the following headings:

  1. Context
  2. Aims and objectives
  3. Process
  4. Engagement
  5. Change and Impact
  6. Next Step and conclusions

Closing date for the 2023 Oral Health Professional Educators ‘Practice Green©’ Awards is 31st May.

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