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Dental Educators On the Move (DEOM) academic exchange opportunities

The Dental Educators On the Move Special Interest Group (DEOM SIG) has at its core the facilitation of movement of dental educators within Europe and further afield.

Since its inception the DEOM SIG has hosted training and workshop session for dental educators in areas of competence of particular interest to those wishing to progress their career internally within their own organisation or externally to a new organisation.

The next logical stage in the DEOM SIG activity is the facilitation of sharing of possible short term exchange opportunities for dental academics within ADEE member’s schools. We have therefore created this online platform where ADEE members can promote exchange programmes they have available for academic within their school.  Positions such as guest lecturer, short term scholar programmes, faculty exchange etc can all be advertised to encourage movement of dental academics. Non ADEE members can also advertise opportunities at a fee of €50.

(Please note full or part time academic position are not the interest of this initiative as these can be advertised on the ADEE positions vacant page).

To advertise an opportunity simply contact us with the following information:

  • Institution Name
  • Location/Department where exchange is available 
  • Country
  • Title and duration of exchange 
  • Degree of Candidate Experience 
  • Closing Date for Entry 
  • A brief description of the exchange programme being offered to faculty.

To contact us please use our contact form.

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