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The Graduating European Dentist is the most recent update of ADEE’s popular curriculum document the Profile and Competence of the Graduating European Dentist. Taking the 2010 revision as its starting point, through the work of a European Taskforce and comprehensive consultation processes the current Graduating European Dentists was formally approved by the ADEE General Assembly in August 2017.

With “The Graduating European Dentist”, ADEE provides a new approach that reflects best academic practice for European undergraduate dental education.

The 2017 documents sees an increased emphasis on important curriculum components such as patient safety, working as a team and patient‐centred care. There is also an increased emphasis on teaching excellence, student satisfaction and student preparedness and support. Guidance relating to methods of teaching and learning, and assessment (educational measurement), is also provided.

It is hoped that by bringing this content onlline in an interactive format that it will further increase accessibility and utility for educators, institutions, societies and regulators, across the sector. You can access the core content of the various domains via the following links below and while navigating through them leave comments, suggestions for changes, additions and deletions. The 2017 Graduating European Dentist curriculum is grounded in the co-creation model through consultation, consensus, collaboration and collegial learning. These principles underpin all ADEE activities and are now being set in place to enable the next iteration of the GED come to life, trhough inut from interested parties at an early stage. So welcome to the conversation click on one of the Domains below to explore more.

This online resource is not intended to replace the document, but to simply support them and the discussions around them. You are reminded that you can access the original publications and directly through the European Journal of Dental Education. The key sources are:

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