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Use of 3D scanning and printing technologies to enhance dental teaching

Thursday, 25th August 2022 - 11:00 to 13:00
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CEST (Madrid, Paris, Berlin)

Use of 3D scanning and printing technologies to enhance dental teaching
Room Allocation: Ibiza 2
Session synopsis: 

The use of 3D scanners and printers are becoming commonplace in general and specialist dental practice, and dental students need to become aware of their use in the management of their future patients. As a result, many dental schools in the UK (and EU) have started to introduce digital dentistry into their undergraduate curriculum. Of particular interest are the use of 3D scanners to digitise undergraduate cases and 3D printers to print these cases to allow patient-specific operative teaching in a simulated setting.

The purpose of this ADEE session to canvas existing knowledge on the use of this technology, determine which technologies are “best” or “most suitable” and then outline a common pathway/workflow that can be used by any dental school that wants to introduce these concepts into their teaching curriculum

Ultimately, this will be of increasing importance to the ADEE because of the inevitable rise in use of 3D scanning and printing technology in clinical practice and therefore the need for quality and homogeneity in the teaching of these principles to future dental students.

Additionally this session can very easily create the necessary networking environment for future collaborative research amongst attendees who are interested in this topic.


The session will combine presentation and discussion drawing on the experiences of the team a number of different school experiences and will be delivered in an interactive collaborative manner.

11:00 Welcome and intro
Why the group is being set up
11:15 4 10-minute presentations that briefly outline how individual schools are using digital/3D teaching workflows
Should you wish your work to feature email
12:00 Group discussion (general)
12:15 Breakout discussion on common pathway - either experiences, if using it already, or queries/questions if not - 4 groups? 2 of each (depends on how many come)
12:45 Round up/summary - next steps
13:00 Close

Edward Williams

Senior Clinical Teacher in Restorative Dentistry and Primary Dental Care
Cardiff University

Ed is Year 4 Lead and Senior Clinical Teacher in Restorative Dentistry and Primary Dental Care  with the School of Dentistry at the University of Cardiff.

James Field

Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Dental Education
Cardiff University

Prof James Field is currently a Professor in Restorative Dentistry and Dental Education and also the Cardiff University School of Dentistry's Director of Digital Education. He is a long-term active member of ADEE having most recently co-chaired the very successful Bridging the Clinical Gap special interest group and workshop.

James is academic lead for the ADEE European DigEdDent (Digital Education in Dentistry) portal, was lead author for the ADEE's Graduating European Dentist Curriculum Taskforce and Global lead for Shaping The Future of Dental Education: Interprofessional Education stream. He also represents Cardiff University as the trans-national partner in O-Health-Edu, an Erasmus+ K2 project to harmonise dental education across Europe.

Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session enables delegates:

  • Introduce delegates to the range of technological options for 3D scanning and printing in Dentistry and Dental Education
  • Discuss delegate experiences of using the various technologies, exploring barriers or facilitators to their use
  • Ascertain the need and value of a common protocol/pathway for developing digital workflows using these technologies

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