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Learning Analytics in European Dental Education (LAEDE)

SIG Chairs

The founding Chairs of this new SIG for 2019 are:

  • Prof. Christopher Stokes
  • Dr. Sandra Zijlstra-Shaw
  • Dr. James Field
Aims and Objectives

With the introduction of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, renewed focus has come on the capture and use of data, and this SIG would explore the issue from the platform of a pan-European network. The SIG aims:

  • To build a pan-European network of members engaged or interested in Learning Analytics in dental education
  • To explore best practice in using Learning Analytics to support learning
  • To engage students in the discussion of how their data can be best used to support their learning
  • To engage teaching staff in exploring how Learning Analytics can help them teach efficiently and effectively

The SIG objectives are:

  • To collate evidence of Learning Analytics systems and usage across Europe
  • To create an online network to facilitate discussion and information exchange
  • To create a student forum on Learning Analytics
  • To publish the outputs of the survey for wider dissemination
  • To collate guidance for Dental Schools based on the work of the SIG
Meeting and Activities Berlin 2019

At its first meeting, this SIG aims to:

  1. Creation of an online network to facilitate discussion and information exchange, and to finalise the aims and objectives of the SIG with the membership;
  2. To create and deliver a survey to capture existing practice in Learning Analytics across European Dental Schools;
  3. To create a Student Forum to identify issues from alternative stakeholder groups.

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