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External surveys

From time to time Members ask's us to share surveys. Rather than add to ever increasing emails and to decrease the possibility of ADEE emails being listed as spam all such requests will be hosted on this page and shared via the monthly Newsletter. Members are encouraged to visit this page regularly.

Please continue to send your survey requests to
Title Abstract
EDSA DENTAL SURVEY The aim of this data collection is to highlight whether students feel as though they are sufficiently trained in different aspects of their education. The goal is to highlight eventual differences between the member countries. This information will allow us to produce an EDSA - European Guide of...Read more
Survey invitation about Resilience and Coping in Oral Health Professional Education Full ethical approval has been granted, and more details can be found by visiting the link below
Undergraduate curriculum for Indirect Restorations and Removable Prosthodontics The survey seeks your views on the clarity, importance, and difficulty of each learning outcome. By participating, you contribute to shaping a curriculum that resonates with the wider dental community. Participation is voluntary, and anonymity is guaranteed. Be a catalyst for change in dental...Read more
Evidence Based Education Resources for Oral Health Professionals Since its foundation, almost 50 years ago, ADEE has always aspired for European dental schools and programmes to be a guiding light in the delivery of best practices in education. Indeed, the core aim of the European Journal of Dental Education is the sharing of research in educational best...Read more
Workplace wellbeing and stress of dental educators and utilization of the wellbeing services We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time to help complete this short three-part survey in relation to your workplace stress and wellbeing.  The ADEE Community of Practice of Wellbeing and Resilience, wishes to identify the workplace-based wellbeing and...Read more
Dental Traumatology in UG curricula across the world. You have been selected as a representative of your school/country to participate in this study which aims to...Read more
Teaching methods of removable dentures across Europe This survey explores teaching methods of removable dentures across Europe, and (possibly) to identify variances and trends in this area. The questionnaire contains 20 questions and does not gather any personal information whatsoever (except minimal information about the school, not meant...Read more

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