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New and Emerging Technologies in Dental Education

Welcome to the New and Emerging Technologies in Dental Education SIG

The New and Emerging Technologies SIG is chaired by Dr Marjoke Vervoorn and Dr Paul Wesselink.

Aims and Objectives

The core aim of the New and Emerging Technology SIG is to inform and familiarize dental educators with the opportunities of new technologies for and within dental education focusing on educational application and related research.

In particular it is concerned with:

  1. The exchange of information and  ideas.
  2. Updating on ( the use of) new developments.
  3. Updating on research in the field of new and emerging technologies  in dental education.
2018 Oslo Meeting

At the coming 44th annual meeting (22-24 August 2018) of the ADEE in Oslo, Norway the meeting of the special interest group (SIG) on New and Emerging Technologies in Dental Education will take place on Wednesday August 22 14.00-15.45.



Welcome and opening remarks


Innovative and Creative Use of Digital Technologies in Dental Education: The University of Maryland Experience, Gary Hack, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA


A Virtual-Reality Combined Approach for Preclinical Dental Skill Training, prof Ye Ling, West China School of Stomatology, Chengdu, China




Video learning - 2.0, Michael Botelho, University of Hong Kong, China


The on the fly approach for development and implementation of new technologies, Ilse de Boer, Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Closing remarks

2017 Vilnius Meeting

At the coming 43th annual meeting (22-25 August 2017) of the ADEE in Vilnius, Lithuania the meeting of the special interest group (SIG) on New and Emerging Technologies in Dental Education will take place on Wednesday August 23.

During this SIG meeting the following presentations were made:

  1. How to use video material in teaching videos in dentistry - where are we? Peter Rusanen Futudent, Finland
  2. Transfer of dental students' skills from the haptic to conventional simulation learning environments. Erica Yates School of Dentistry Faculty of Science Charles Sturt University, Orange Australia
  3. What can learning analytics tell us about learning dentistry? Jonathan P. San Diego King’s College London
  4. Emerging Technologies in Dental Education: The University of Maryland Experience. The educational application of multiple digital technologies and their related research. Gary Hack, DDS, University of Maryland School of Dentistry. Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  5. New and emerging technologies in prosthodontic and restorative dentistry education. Carlos Serrano Petrillo, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), The Netherlands
Closing remarks

You can also download the Agenda bellow.

Thanks and looking forward to continuing our discussiona in Oslo. If you are interested in submitting for this session in 2018 please email a short 200 abstract to

Evolution of SIG

Resulting from the merging of “Virtual Reality in Dental Education” and "Current and future research needs to assess the effectiveness of video dentistry” this new SIG (first meeting Vilnius 2017) will explore and discuss how dental academia can benefit from the opportunities of new and emerging technologies.

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