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Graduating European Dentist Curriculum

The "Graduating European Dentist” curriculum is overseen by ADEE, and provides a contemporary curriculum reflecting best academic practice for European undergraduate dental education.


In 2017, the GED taskforce was established, to review existing curriculum documents. The new curriculum was designed to be grounded in the co-creation model through consultation, consensus, collaboration and collegial learning. The process saw an increased emphasis on important elements such as patient safety, working as a team and patient‐centred care. Increased emphasis was also placed on teaching excellence, student satisfaction and student preparedness and support. The curriculum was published in a series of papers within the European Journal of Dental Education and can be accessed via the links at the bottom of the page.

In 2022 the curriculum content was brought online in an interactive format, into these pages - and it is hoped that this will improve accessibility and utility for educators, institutions, societies, and regulators across the sector.

You can access the core content of the various domains via the links below - and while navigating through them, you can leave comments, or suggestions for changes. These will be considered by the taskforce on a rolling basis.

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