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Continuing to Bridge the Clinical Gap



Digital Dentistry Online Symposium
Session synopsis: 

ADEE in collaboration with VirtEasy by HRV hosted an online symposium on Digital Dentistry, with a particular focus on simulation within the Clinical Skills environment.

Building on the Bridging the Gap workshops held at ADEE 2018 in Oslo and 2019 in Berlin, this event  presents experts from The University of Sheffield, Cardiff University (UK) and HRV (France) discussing their experiences of the ways in which simulation is being used to provide meaningful and relevant qualitative feedback for students.  It also discussed the ways in which the reflection process can be effectively supported and nurtured as part of the simulator experience. A real time example of the Virteasy platform was also offered. 

ADEE's new platform supporting the delivery of digital dental education (DigEdDent) is launched and the session concluded with open Q&A and discussion with delegates.

Start Welcome and overview of the Bridging the Clinical Gap working group and outputs
Dr James Field
00:05 An introduction to how simulation is used at The University of Sheffield to Bridge the Gap
Mr Ashley Towers and Mr Jonathan Dixon
00:15 Redefining simulation, with meaningful clinical feedback
All partners
00:35 An introduction to DigEdDent: an online resource for dental educators
Dr James Field
00:40 Questions and Answers 
00:50 Closing remarks and close @ 1h
Learning Outcomes: 

The session's Learning Outcomes are:

  1. Identify limitations in existing simulator feedback mechanisms
  2. Discuss digital workflows that can improve student confidence within the clinic
  3. Be aware of ADEEs online DigEdDent resource in order to support the delivery of their digital content
Video - delegate access only: 
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