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General Medicine and Surgery in Dentistry


The Chairs of the General Medicine in Dentistry SIG are Prof. Mark Greenwood (UK) and Dr. Denise van Diermen (NL).

Aims and Objectives

The work of the Special Interest Group focuses on increasing understanding and collaboration in an area of dental teaching which is known to be a difficult part of the curriculum to cover.

Development of a core group was achieved in 2013. Development of a group sharing curricula and methods of assessment in the area was the subject area for discussion at 2014 meeting with a view to possible publication of outcomes.

SIG Leader Announcements and Update

In Szeged the group wishes to explore more areas of potential for collaborative working, sharing best practice and raising the possibility of further funding bids.

Meeting and Activities:Riga 2014

A summary presentation of the Riga meeting is available for download bellow.

The agreed outcomes of the meeting and plans for 2014 will be available here.

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