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EDHF Common Education Framework - Harmonisation of Dental Hygiene education in Europe


This new Special Ineterst Group which will meet for the first time at ADEE 2016 in Barcelona will be chaired by the EDHF.

Aims and Objectives

This new SIG hosted by the European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) who adopted the resolution Professional Profile and Competences of Dental Hygienists in Europe in Dublin, September 2015. This was the first step in the process of developing a Common Education Framework, CEF, with the purpose to harmonise Dental Hygienist Education in Europe to a common set of knowledge, skills and competences.

The SIG will outline a project plan for developing a CEF on higher vocational or university level according to the European Qualification Framework for Lifelong Learning, EQF level 6, and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, minimum 180 ECTS credits.

2018 Meeting Oslo

The European Dental Hygienists Federation (EDHF) invite participants to the third SIG on a Common Education Framework (CEF) for European Dental Hygienists.

The project has been accomplished with a European Taskforce and Reference Groups representing Dental Hygiene Education all over Europe in a transparent working process. The CEF draft is developed in collaboration with ADEE and based upon the same principles as the new Undergraduate Curriculum Framework for Graduating European Dentists. The four curriculum domains are: Professionalism, Safe and Effective Clinical Practice, Patient-Centred Care and Oral Health in Society. During the SIG session the learning outcomes connected to those areas will be presented and discussed.

The SIG will enable a possibility to provide input in order to finalize a CEF (EQF level 6) that can be presented and adopted as the recommended training curriculum for Dental Hygienists in Europe.

2016 Meeting Barcelona Spain

The speciall interest group held its first meeting at the ADEE annual meeting Barcaleona Spain on Thusrday 25th August.

You can access a report on the SIG meeting or download the presentation bellow.  

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