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P&G ADEE Platinum Peer Reviewed Material

ADEE is the only pan-European association dedicated to representing academic dentistry and the community of dental educators. Since our inception in 1975, through the dedication of our membership, we have directed and overseen huge advances in the field of academic dentistry.

ADEE relies heavily on the support of our Partners to enable our activities on an operational and strategic level. ADEE very much appreciates our PLATINUM partners support as they are a key provider of support for ADEE activities. ADEE is aware of the challenges faced by our corporate partners as they respond to increasing demands for transparency and accountability within their philanthropic, sponsorship and membership activities. ADEE understands the need to demonstrate a return for such support that is appropriate and tailored to the particular organisation.

ADEE has therefore devised the ADEE PLATINUM Peer review programme. PLATINUM Peer Review provides recognition from a panel of leading European experts drawn from ADEE membership of the content of Platinum Partners’ educational material. For our Platinum partners and their user base it provides:

  • Recognition and validation of the programme content following rigorous peer review processes;
  • A means of demonstrating to users and regulators that the programme content is relevant, valid and appropriate to the desired audience;
  • A means of demonstrating to users and regulators that programme content reflects current best practice at the time of review;
  • A means of demonstrating to users and regulators that programme delivery and approach is appropriate to the target level;
  • A means of demonstrating to users and regulators that the defined objectives/learning outcomes of the programme are achievable by the programme content;
  • Through the use of the ADEE PLATINUM Peer review logo a clearly identifiable means of demonstrating that the content is acceptable to ADEE members throughout Europe and further afield.

ADEE is pleased to announce that the following Procter and Gamble case studies offered via their educational pages on have been reviewed as the initial intake of Platinum Peer Review:

  • Toothache
  • Halitosis and bleeding gums
  • Caries Risk
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants
  • Tooth Sensitivity is the premier website from Oral-B® for dental professionals and students around the world. It is specifically designed to provide education; research, news, and product information to help you – and your patients - achieve success every day.

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