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Competence Assessment


The Competence assessment Special Interest Group is a long established and always well attended SIG. It is chaired by Dr. Undrell Moore (UK), Dr. Terhi Karaharju-Suvanto (FI).

Aims and Objectives:

The core focus of this Special Interest Group is to promote a discussion forum on the achievement and assessment of competence in the clinical dental environment.  It brings together a vast array of professionals from many disciplines.

Meetings and Activities: Riga 2014

The Riga meeting provided an opportunity to review the reasons as to why individuals were so interested in continuing to particpate in the SIG.  Issues such as the difficulty in assessing, the need to gain understanding and hear other views, the desire to see progress in assessment methods and approach and to lead to improvement in systems being some of the key reasons cited. 

The meeting then progressed to explore the assessment in the context of:

  1. Outreach
  2. Multi skilled assessments
  3. Gateway assessments
  4. Encouraging self assessment
  5. Use of patients in assessment
  6. Rigour
  7. Embedding assessment in every clinical episode (balance formative/summative)
  8. Developing faculty (transfer of culture)
SIG Leader Announcements and Update
Future Plans:

Planned outcomes of the Special Interest Group include:

  1. Circulation of  this years SIG activity  (Online)
  2. Summary of 5 years of  SIG activity (EJDE)
  3. Discussion forum to enage members between meetings
Contact Details:

For more information on the Competence Assessment Special Interest Group please email

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