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CoP Wellbeing and Resilience in dental education

Introduction to Community of Practice on "Wellbeing and Resilience in dental education: supporting our team"
- by CoP chair Shannu Bhatia
Introduction to the CoP

Wellbeing and resilience have gained considerable attention in the recent years and their role in enhancing the working environment and students’ learning journeys is well-documented. Conversely, high and sustained levels of stress in staff and students results in burnout; something that has been acutely exacerbated during the recent pandemic. Education providers have a duty of care and an ethical responsibility for supporting their staff and their students effectively and promoting their wellbeing and resilience. Identifying and tackling the causes of poor mental health and wellbeing and offering appropriate, timely support to the staff and students will be enable them to improve their working environment, their educational journey, maximise their potential to deliver better quality patient care and improve their quality of life.

Proposed aim

Supporting our staff and students; defining and addressing their wellbeing and resilience needs

  • To understand the current status and strategies currently in place across European Dental Schools, to support our team for wellbeing and resilience
  • To understand the barriers and challenges faced by Dental schools across Europe in ensuring staff and student wellbeing and resilience
  • To share good practice and determine how institutions can bring about sustainable changes necessary support mental health and wellbeing of staff and students.
  • To identify potential areas for research and innovation with regards to wellbeing and resilience

This COP is currently looking for members to join its steering group.
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