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Meet the taskforce


The GED Taskforce is a subcommittee of the ADEE executive committee charged with the responsibility for maintaining and updating the Graduating European Dentist Profile documents and websites. It has four standing members, at least two of which will be members of the executive the remainder are drawn from leading authors in the current suite of documents.

They meet at least twice a year to plan and approve updates and make recommendations to the Executive on future directions of the GED. As with all ADEE work when updates are evolving the core group will drawn membership to expand its membership to ensure representation of the diversity of the European education context.

Current membership of the GED taskforce are:

Prof James Field

ADEE Executive Committee nominated GED lead
United Kingdom

Prof James Field (UK) is the ADEE Executive Committee nominated GED lead. He took over from Prof Damien Walmsley in 2017 and led the taskforce activities in developing the revised learning-outcome-based curriculum. Since that time James has been instrumental in coordinating and guiding curriculum review processes both within Europe, and the wider world. James is also co-leading the current curriculum projects relating to the embedding of Environmental Sustainability within OHP education, and an additional Domain to GED, 'Research. At 'home' James is the Director for Learning and Teaching and Director of Digital Education at Cardiff Dental School in Wales, UK.

Prof Sibylle Vital

ADEE Executive Committee member

Prof Sibylle Vital (FR) is the ADEE Executives Committee member from France and in te context of GED holds responsibility for ensuring updating and alignment of the GED in the French Language so it remains of value to the French speaking academic population.

Prof Julia Davies

ADEE treasurer

Prof Julia Davies (SE) is ADEE the current ADEE treasurer, her role and responsibilities with the GED is to ensure all updates are planned and sequenced within an agreed budget by the Executive and lead to tangible improvements to the delivery if the European curriculum. As a Trustee of ADEE Julia is also responsible for managing relevant risks arising from the GED.

Mr Jonathan Dixon

PHD candidate
University of Sheffield
United Kingdom

Mr Jonathan Dixon (UK) is a clinical academic at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. He played a central role in writing a number of ADEE manuscripts on its recent Oral Health Edu Erasmus Plus Project which aimed to identify the current state of Oral Health Professional education across Europe. Jonathan has also co-lead the incorporation of Environmental Sustainability learning outcomes into the current GED framework and is contributing to the new Research domain. Within the GED Jonathan takes a lead with regards to the coordination of consensus making and document drafting. Jonathan has significant experience in different European environments, having studied or worked in the UK, Spain and Sweden.

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