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ADEE Communities of Practice

ADEE has always been grounded in the concept of collaboration, consensus making and knowledge sharing.

Welcome to the new initiative of developing Communities of Practice (COP) for the ADEE membership which is designed to target key areas of interest that shares, supports and develops expertise to meet common challenges.

These groups are meant to be broad-based and needs based with an expert guided COP steering group engaging with and supported by the broader membership.

If you would like know more about the aims and objectives of the ADEE COPs or find out how you may develop a COP within ADEE please click here.

The COP initiative has been initiated by Prof Michael Botelho and approved and supported by the ADEE Executive Committee which has developed COP steering group to oversee the COP endeavors. The COPs are not only content driven by key themes in oral health education, research and policy but are encouraged to create  language specific sub-groups or their own COPs to broaden the engagement across the ADEE membership.

If you are interested in starting a COP email in the first instance.
To access COPs that are currently active, click the relevant icon below.


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