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Ethics and Law in dentistry


The Ethics and Law in Dentistry SIG was formed in 2014. It is chaired by Dr Jacinta McLoughlin (IE).

Aims and Objectives

This special interest group has been formed to promote and explore a common educational framework for learning and teaching of ethics, law and professionalism in dental undergraduate courses across Europe.

The aim is to develop a core of agreed principles that can be applied in all regions, social and cultural contexts.

SIG Leader Announcements and Updates

The Ethics and Law in Dentistry Special Interest Group was formed in Riga in 2014 with the goal of devising and sharing a consensus document on learning outcomes in the areas of Ethics, Law and Professionalism in Dental Education.

In the interveening months the working group has continued to meet and evolve the document and are now at a stage where they wish to invite wider consultation from ADEE memebrship. A brief document (download bellow) summarising the Learning outcomes has been devised and we invite you to forward your comments and feedback to no later than 31st July 2015.

ADEE wish to express their thanks and gratitude to the members of the Special Interest Group for their progress todate. 

Meetings and Activities: Riga 2014

The agenda for the SIGs inaugral meeting in Riga included:

  1. Brief introduction and overview on the SIG aims and objectives;
  2. Overview of the learning outcomes from the ADEE Profile and Competences;
  3. Presentations from Malmö and Bristol;
  4. Discussion in groups.

A brief summary presentation by Dr McLoughlin is available bellow.

Future Plans

The Special Interest Group will hold their second full meeting in Szeged on the afternoon of Friday 28th August where they will propose the progression and adoption of the Learning Outcomes document available for conculation above.

Contact Details

For more information on this Special Interest Group contact

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