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Introduction & Aims

ADEE invites colleagues in a school holding membership of ADEE to submit an application for a selection of ADEE Excellence in Dental Education Awards.



ADEE is pleased to announce that for 2024 there will again be four categories in the Excellence in Dental Education Awards; Early CareerMature Career and a dedicated Inter/Intra-professional Dental educators award in association with Oral B and an ADEE-HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award.

For the Early, Mature and Inter/Intra professional awards eligible applicants may be assistant or associate professor, master, docent, dental teachers or instructors. Professors or chairs of departments are not eligible. For Oral Health in society award the project is awarded at an organisational rather than individual level. If in doubt please contact Denis Murphy or the Chair of the Advisory Committee.

Prof Brian O'Connell

ADEE President 2024-2025

There is a particular prestige associated with ADEE Dental Educators Awards as the programme provides one of the few opportunities for international recognition of excellence in dental education. I encourage our member faculty to support individual and organisational applications so relevant work and service can be recognised.

Aims of the Awards Programme

To promote and reward the highest standards of learning and teaching in dentistry and within society by:

  • Encouraging good practice in the provision of high quality dental education within the non-professorial group of dental teachers.
  • Recognising the varied contribution to teaching and learning that educators can make at different stages of their career.
  • Acknowledging and rewarding dental educators by independent evaluation and recognition of the excellence of their educational contribution.
  • Promoting collaboration by scholarly engagement in dental education through national and international activities.
  • Encouraging innovation and insights into the educational experience of all members of the dental team and disseminating new knowledge.
  • Encouraging the pursuit of original research in dental education. 
  • Inspiring greater engagement and participation in the annual meetings of ADEE.
  • To support recipient's academic promotion based upon their Excellence in Dental Education.

The closing date for submission of applications is May 31st

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