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Virtual Reality in Dental Education


The Virtual Reality SIG is chaired by Dr. Marjoke Vervoorn and Dr. Paul Wesselink.

Aims and Objectives

The core aim of the Virtual Reality group is to inform and familiarise dental educators with the opportunities of new technologies for and within dental education focussing on clinical simulation.

In particular it is concerned with:

  1. The exchange of information and ideas;
  2. Updating on new developments;
  3. Updating on research in the field of Virtual Reality in dental education.
2016 ADEE 2016 SIG presentations

The Virtual Relaity in Dental Eductaion SIG meeting held in Barcelona was attended by a large number of delegates. Presentations were made on the following:

  • Contribution of haptic simulation for learning in odontology;
  • Crown test on Simodont 3 years' experience;
  • Effectiveness of an augmented reality simulator in dental education;
  • Results of Students' learning Clinical Skills using a Haptic Dental Simulator;
  • Usefulness perception of dentists, academics and students of the VirTeaSy haptic virtual reality simulator in dental education.
2015 SIG Leader Announcements and Update

At the coming 41th annual meeting (26-29 August 2015)  of the  Association for  Dental Education in Europe in Szeged, Hungary, there will be, like in other recent years, a special interest group (SIG) on Virtual reality in dental education on Thursday 28 th of August. During this SIG meeting information will be presented on recent developments and applications of virtual reality in dental education and experiences will be exchanged. Several users of VR related technologies will present their experiences in the use of these developments as well as on the implementation of these technologies within the dental curriculum. Also the available evidence on the application of these new developments in education will be discussed and possible alternatives will be brought up.

As we are planning and making up the program for this SIG we ask you whether you are interested to give a presentation at this SIG. In case you have this in mind please inform us at the latest by July 15th so we can arrange a program in time in order to inform all people interested some period prior to the meeting whether their presentation has been fit into this session. It should be realized that submitting a title does not necessarily mean that it can be included as this depends on the number of submissions and in case choises have to be made it will be considered if some aspects of the proposed content have been presented at a previous SIG meeting.

The final agenda for SIG's meeting in Szeged 2015 can be downloaded below.

Meeting and Activities: Riga 2014

The SIGs meeting in Riga focused on the following discussions:

  1. Learning metrics using dental simulation. Laura Darnell, D.D.S. John Hopkins University, USA;
  2. Motor learning in dentistry-Vision of the future. Susan Bridges, PhD, The University of Hong Kong, HK;
  3. Strategies to evaluate virtual systems in dental education: How reliable is the evidence. Margaret Cox, King’s College London Dental Institute, UK;
  4. Relative contribution of haptic technology in implantology. David Joseph, School of Surgery Nancy-Lorraine, University of Lorraine, France;
  5. Virtual patients in dental education. Paul Wesselink, Academic Centre for dentistry Amsterdam (ACTA), The Netherlands;
  6. SIG Virtual reality in dental education: Quo Vadis?

A summary presentation is available below.

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