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Applying for the Award

Applications now open for the ADEE 2024 awards.

A maximum of 2 applications from each school will be accepted in any one year, preferably no more than one in each category.

Holders of a Early and Mature Educators excellence award are eligible to apply for the Oral B Inter Professional award and for the ADEE Haleon Preventative Oral Health in Society Award.

Holders of an Early Career Award who comply with the eligibility requirements may apply for the Mature Educators Award and the Oral B Inter Professional Award and for the ADEE-HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award.

Applications will only be accepted once the appropriate fee (€100) has been received by ADEE.
Applications should be submitted to the ADEE Administrator by 31st May 2024. 


There are four application forms for the 2024 awards programme (see the menu on the right); one for Early Career Educators, one for Mature Educators, one for Intra/Inter-professional Educators and one for the ADEE-HALEON Preventative Oral Health in Society Award. Individual schools may support the submission of a maximum of two applications per year in any combination of the three categories.  The information submitted should be in accordance with the directions provided in the application form (also please see details in the Award Criteria page). Applications should be made in English only. The following checklist should help ensure that your application is complete.

  • Ensure that you complete all sections of the appropriate application form (Early Career, Mature or Inter Professional).
  • The Portfolio of Evidence including a brief Curriculum Vitae. 
  • The relevant letter(s) of support as stipulated in the award criteria.
  • Statement of intent to present a poster or paper at the ADEE meeting in the year following your application. (Expected of those who are successful, optional for those who are unsuccessful).
  • Willingness to attend online ADEE 2024 in Leuven (see online programmee for exact dates and times)
  • Agreement to respond to questionnaires related to the award.
  • Payment of Application fee of €100.

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