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February 2024


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The British Society of Prosthodontics (BSSPD) invites ADEE members to participate in a consultation on new undergraduate curriculum for Indirect Restorations and Removable Prosthodontics

The survey seeks your views on the clarity, importance, and difficulty of each learning outcome. By participating, you contribute to shaping a curriculum that resonates with the wider dental community. Participation is voluntary, and anonymity is guaranteed. Be a catalyst for change in dental education - complete the survey in just 40 minutes!

For more information or to complete the BSSPD survey visit here.


Reminder: ADEE Institutional Membership Due

ADEE member institutions' nominated contacts will have now received invoices for 2024 ADEE membership dues. These were due for payment on 31st January 2024. To ensure your faculty can avail of the membership registration rates, access the EJDE through the web portal and participate in special interest groups and communities of practice please ensure membership fees for 2024 are renewed. Institutions who failed to pay 2023 fees have now been removed from our membership data base and staff from these institution can no longer avail of membership benefits until payments have recommenced.

For queries on membership email:


Reminder: Abstracts for ADEE 2024 Leuven are now open

ADEE invites abstracts submission from faculty of member institutions for consideration for presentations at ADEE 2024 Leuven 7th to 10th September 2024. Abstracts are now being accepted in a number of presentation formats and the closing date for receipt of abstracts via the online submission portal is Monday 15th April.

To find out more about abstracts submission visit the meeting webpages here.


Reminder: ADEE's Graduating European Dentist Curriculum Domain V 'Research' now open for consultation

ADEE invites submissions from its member institutions and other interested parties to provide input and feedback on the draft Domain V 'Research'. Drafted following collaboration with EDSA, IADR and other key stakeholder groups we are now seeking input on the perceived clarity, importance, and difficulty associated with each outcome that has been arrived at.

To find out more or participate read more here. Consultation closes 19th March.


Survey invitation about Resilience and Coping in Oral Health Professional Education

Members are invited to participate in a short questionnaire from Ms Ruby Long, whose PhD is exploring the concept of resilience in Oral Health Professional Education: the Educators' perspective. Full ethical approval has been granted, and more details can be found by visiting the link below.

To find out more or to complete the survey click here.


O-Health-Edu continues to contribute

While the intellectual outputs and main activities of the Erasmus + funded project O-Health-Edu “Advancing Oral Health: A vision for Dental Education” have now been concluded it continues to contribute valuable outputs for the oral health professional education community. A number of key publications have now been through peer review processes and are available open access here. You can also read more about how ADEE is integrating many of the features of O-Health-Edu so as to better enable information gather on the programmes offered within Europe.


ADEE members are being consulted on Content Statements for Environmental Sustainability

Members will be aware that the GED has been updated to incorporate sustainability throughout the curriculum. Published research and discussions at ADEE meetings have demonstrated that significant barriers exist for embedding Environmental Sustainability in the undergraduate Oral Health Professional (OHP) curriculum. These barriers largely relate to:

  • A lack of practical guidance to embed this topic in the curriculum
  • Limited time in the curriculum to embed new concepts
  • A lack of knowledge or expertise to teach Environmental Sustainability

In order to support educators in overcoming these barriers, evidence-based and subject-specific content statements have been developed. These statements have been mapped to all subjects within the OHP curriculum. It is envisaged that educators will take these content statements and incorporate them into the curriculum subject or educational event as they see fit. The aim is to create the content for a syllabus of Environmental Sustainability in Oral Healthcare that is consistent on an international basis and facilitate educators to integrate (both horizontally and vertically) this concept within their local curriculum. Your input is now being sought via public consultation.

To find out more or provide input click here.

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