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ADEE 2021 Special Event

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30
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120 minutes

Using technology to engage students. Augmented Reality experiences
Delivered in collaboration with Immersify Education
Session synopsis: 

Are you ready to experience the future of teaching and learning in dentistry using advanced technologies?


Immersify Education utilises Augmented Reality, Gamification, Personalisation and Expert Content in one application: the Immersify Dental App.

Join Immersify Education to discover how they are supporting teaching and learning through AR, accessible technology, 3D visuals and interactivity. Their Immersify Dental App is an engaging resource for the modern student, that can be utilised anywhere, anytime on smartphones and tablets.

They will present the Immersify Dental App from a dental student and academic perspective to highlight the benefits of the elements within the application; these include topics, lessons, interactive practicals and visual multiple-choice quizzes. Immersify will demonstrate the different aspects of their resources in sessions led by three academics and two dentistry students who recount their experiences using the Immersify Dental app and expand on their research in Augmented Reality, Gamification, Personalisation and importance of Standardised and Expert Content in dental education. 

To conclude this, they will be sharing statistics and feedback from users which they have received from several dental schools and how their educational resources have impacted dental education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Call for Abstracts: 

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Video - delegate access only: 

Prof Damien Walmsley

Professor of Restorative Dentistry
University of Birmingham, UK

Damien is Professor of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Birmingham where he continues to be involved in several UKRI research funded grants. His present research interests are the development of ultrasonic surgical drills and ultrasound-controlled release of antimicrobial agents for localised treatment of dental tissues.He is the author of many textbooks and scientific peer-reviewed articles.He is an excellent communicator and networker, he is always keen to share his knowledge and further the dental profession’s learning, especially in the field of IT and social media.He has a strong portfolio in educational technology including both mobile and electronic learning.He has published and delivered many Keynote addresses on the future direction of digital learning.Present educational research includes learning and teaching of implantology, gamification and the role of resilience in dentistry.

He is a Past president of ADEE and the British Prosthodontic Society (BSSPD). He was awarded the John Tomes Medal by the British Dental Association (BDA) for services to Dentistry in 2016.He was the BDA’s Scientific Advisor from 2008 to 2020 appearing in both the national and local press, discussing the science behind dentistry and ensuring the public are better informed.He remains a spokesperson for the BDA on dentistry. Damien has recently been appointed as Consultant to Immersify Education,

Dr Richard Moore

Clinical lecturer and specialist in oral surgery
The University of Leeds, UK

Richard is a clinical lecturer and specialist in oral surgery at The University of Leeds, UK. His education interests lie within the clinical teaching of oral surgery to undergraduates and postgraduates and development of oral surgery training. Clinically, his interests include the management of medically complex patients, all aspects of oral surgery and implantology. He is a key opinion leader in dental implants and piezosurgery.


He is an international speaker and in addition to his commitments at The University of Leeds regularly teaches on courses across the UK. Richard is currently a part time PhD student and his thesis focuses on the referral behaviours of general dental practitioners within oral surgery provision and exploration of current oral surgery training for undergraduate dental students.

Richard has a passion for education and the development of alternative learning opportunities within oral surgery. He was recently appointed as a Dental Consultant to Immersify Education.

Dr Dave Manas

NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology

Manas Dave is an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology. He is also Honorary Lecturer in Dentistry at The University of Manchester. He has research interests in medical and dental education with a focus on assessment strategies and digital pathology. Manas has written expertly written content for Immersify Education’s App, Immersify Dental, and has been appointed as a Dental Consultant to Immersify Education.

Helen Francis

4th Year Dental Student
Dublin Dental School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland 

Helen is a fourth dental student hailing from Belfast and studying at the Dublin Dental School, Trinity College Dublin. As well as being one of Immersify’s International Ambassadors, she is the Vice President and one of the founders of Trinity’s newly established Dental Society, founded during the COVID pandemic to create a greater presence for the dental school on Trinity’s campus and host new and exciting events for all dental school students. She has spoken at previous Immersify live events on managing exam stress amidst dental school.

Krish Pandya

4th Year Dental Student
Newcastle University UK 

Krish is a 4th year dental student at Newcastle University in the UK and a Champion and Dental Consultant/Content Creator with Immersify Education. He also the treasurer of the Newcastle Dental Student Society. Krish was part of the first Immersify Education webinar last summer, giving a talk on ‘COVID-19 and periodontitis’ and more recently has delivered a webinar on dental charting to students in India.

He loves all aspects of dentistry, with specific focus on endodontics and oral surgery.

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