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General Assembly 2021

Friday, 27th August 2021 - 17:00 to 18:00
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A formal business meeting of the ADEE membership Called under section 7.1 of the ADEE Constitution
Delivered via ZOOM
Session synopsis: 

The general assembly of members is the legislative body of ADEE. Under our constitution a general assembly is to be held annually and this has taken place for many years as the closing element of our annual conference. The agenda follows a prescribed in our legislative format, the session is open to all members, facilitated by the ADEE executive and chaired by the ADEE President. 

Papers for the meeting (including recorded officers reports) can be accessed online in advance by clicking the relevant links below.

17:00 Meeting called to order and Presidents Welcome
17:05 Approval of the Agenda and notification of additional items
17:07 Approval of the Minutes of the previous General Assembly held in via Zoom 2020 and Matters arising from the Minutes
17:10 Opportunity for Questions on the reports of the Officers:
  Report of the President
  Report of the Secretary General
  Report of the ADEE EU affairs officier 
  Report of the Editor
17:30 Report of the Treasurer:
  Acceptance of Annual Accounts - 2020
  Approval of Revised Budget 2021
  Acceptance of Annual Report – 2020

Nominations Committee Report - Membership of the Executive Committee
Appointment of Prof S Vital France for a second 3 year term 
Appointment of Prof R Amaral Mendes for one additional year 

17:50 Update to ADEE constitution to enable new regional structure 
18:00 Annual meetings of ADEE
ADEE 2022 Palma De Mallorca
18:10 Any other business

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