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ADEE "Inspired" programme

Following the formation meeting Vilnius 2017, ADEE is delighted to announce the delivery of the first INSPIRED programme in Oslo 2018.    

The mission of INSPIRED is to create a dental education community that embraces and encourages new entrants through mentorship, support and the fostering of a sense of collegiality from early in the dental educator’s career.  INSPIRED achieves this mission through the provision of a forum for discussion (both virtual and real), mentorship (online and one-to-one) and advice for early career dental educators as they progress through their careers in dental academia.

In Oslo INSPIRED will deliver two sessions, each focusing on a key element of interest to the target group as identified by the formation meeting in Vilnius.  

  1. basics of dental educational research;
  2. mentorship integrating cultural competency.

The session are being designed so as to encourage schools to send a senior and junior academic allowing for optimal take home skills and ongoing support for the participants.  Places are limited to the first 40 delegates registered.  You can read more about the two sessions below: 

Thursday, August 23rd:
ADEE INSPIRED Session - focus on Mentorship

Part 1. Keynote sessions - for all 40 participants - 30min: 

Sharing personal stories - situations when you had a mentor and others when you did not.
Other factors: developing leadership skills and managing the existent framework of educational institutions.

  • Tanja Tomson: Driving and managing change in the educational landscape (15min) - Scandinavian model
  • Eugene Anderson: Mentorship for career planning (administrative and management) inside and outside the current institution (15min)

Part 2. Workshops - mentorship skills (teams to divide, rotate and attend both separate sessions) - 60min:

  • “TBC” (30min)
  • “TBC” (30min)

Part 3. Discussion and conclusions: reflection, share ideas, next steps - for all 40 participants (30min). 

Friday, August 24th:
ADEE INSPIRED Session - focus on Educational Research

Part 1. Keynote sessions - for all 40 participants (60min): 

  • Nadeem Karimbux: “How to design an educational research question?” (30min)
  • “Framing educational research initiatives at an academic institution” (30min)

Part 2. Workshops - groups (teams to divide and attend both separate sessions) - 60min:

  • “Getting your educational research published” (60min)
  • “Mixed methods in educational research” (60min)

Part 3. Discussion and conclusions: reflection, share ideas, next steps - for all 40 participants (30min).

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