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November 2023


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ADEE Community of Practice: Wellbeing and resilience - Call to join a new steering subgroup in our COP on Student Wellbeing and Resilience

So far, the COP on wellbeing has successfully conducted a survey on stress and wellbeing of dental educators and based on this a follow-up discussion was conducted at our first session at ADEE in Liverpool which yielded meaningful feedback that we will share soon. We are now looking to form a subgroup for the CoP that focuses on dental students and are looking for experienced and enthusiastic members to join the steering group. Obviously, we welcome students to be part of this group.

The aim of this sub-group will be to identify and address the issues that cause poor wellbeing and resilience and offering appropriate, strategies to manage these. In particular sharing of good practices will be encouraged from members or schools so that the larger community can benefit from this. The aim will be to help students in their educational journey and in turn maximise their ability to deliver better quality patient care and improve their quality of life. If you wish to join our COP focusing on dental student wellbeing and resilience and have time and commitment to participate in this, please contact us with an expression of interest and CV to to join the steering group.


ADEE 2024 Leuven: Call for Workshop, Special Interest Group and Community Of Practice Content sessions

As we finalise plans for ADEE 2024, we invite Chairs of COPs, Special Interest Groups and other interested persons to submit abstract proposals for consideration in our meeting programme. Each submission should outline for a 90-minute session the following:

  • Session Aim and 3 learning outcomes.
  • Proposed delivery approach, breakouts, lecture etc.
  • Speakers, Leader details (European Diversity is encouraged)
  • An outline programme for the 90-minute slot

Submissions should be via email only to to be received no later than 5th January 2024. Please note ADEE 2024 runs from Saturday 8th to Tuesday 10th September 2024. ADEE can not accommodate date specific presentation requests, and all sessions will be allocated in the interest of a balanced overall programme. It is also recommended that you look at the meeting theme and outline programme available online in advance of submission.


ADEE Membership

ADEE 2024 institutional membership dues will issue the first week in January 2024. For 2024, institutional membership will increase slightly to €650.00 per institution. We are also introducing a reduced rate for institutions categorised as low or lower-middle income countries by the World Bank. This change will be implemented automatically for the relevant member institutions so no action is required on the institutions' behalf. Should your institution have had a recent change in leadership or key contact responsibility for ADEE please email with the updated contact details for the institution.

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