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ADEE Palma Annual Meeting 2022

​Initial Call for Content

ADEE returns in 2022 with an in person meeting with supported hybrid attendance for specific elements. Running from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th August 2022 we will feature a mix of keynote speakers, workshops, special interest groups, communities of practice and regional forum meetings as well as FREEStage, Tech Expo, e-poster presentations, the FEHDD deans group and the ADEE partner exhibition. We will, of course, allow you plenty of time to network and engage with each other under the meeting theme Recover, Renew, Reconnect!

To ensure the meeting is member focused we are now issuing a call for content in the following areas:

  • Special Interest Group and Community of Practice Sessions (2 hour sessions, up to 6 slots available)
  • Workshop session (2 hours session up to 4 slots available)
  • In focus briefing session (30 minutes up to 6 slots available)

To make a submission, please send an email to the following address:

Please also see the session descriptors (below) to ensure you select the most appropriate session. Submissions should be received no later than 15th April and will be evaluated by the ADEE Executive Committee.

Name and contact details (email) of the session lead and supporting presenters (sessions which include regional diversity in panel membership, i.e. from a variety of countries, will be favoured):

  • A brief description of the session aims (100 words) and objectives (no more than 3 clear objectives)
  • A brief outline of the format suggested (100 words)
  • An outline programme including speakers and a timed running order of activity during the session e.g. 00 mins to 120min for a 2 hour session
  • A brief rationale as to why this topic is important to ADEE membership and how the session will help wider dissemination (100 words)

The meeting will be held at Melia Hotel and Convention Centre Palma Bay. You can now use the dedicated hotel booking link for the meeting that offers best rates for the meeting hotel and its affiliates. As this is end of the peak holiday season on the Islands we expect hotel occupancy to fill quickly and encourage you to arrange your booking as soon as possible. The prices provided by Melia are guaranteed until May 2022, when rates will increase and offer you flexible booking and cancellation until early August. Given the ongoing COVID-19 situation we also encourage you to book flexible flights and accommodation rates. All hotel and travel bookings are at the delegates own risk and changes to the meeting delivery due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen factors are not the responsibility of ADEE. Please ensure you have appropriate travel insurances in place.

A call for e-poster and FREEStage abstracts will be issued in late January 2022, so ensure your user profile and email is updated so you get news on all the deadlines.

By submitting an abstract for programme content, you and the named persons on your application are agreeing to commit to be in attendance in person in Palma for the entire meeting duration (all things being equal).

Session Descriptors

ADEE Special Interest Groups (SIG): Are our long standing proven approach to the creation and delivery of focused consensus documents such as those that ground the practice of teaching in a particular topic. SIGs can be at various stages of development but should be advancing towards the publication of a core document that will be published in the European Journal of Dental Education and adapted throughout Europe in the relevant curriculum. Examples include, Special Care Dentistry Curriculum SIG which celebrated 10 years since publication in 2021, or the recently concluded SIG that supported the delivery of the Common Education Curriculum for the European Dental Hygienist.

ADEE ‘In Focus’ Briefings: Aims to share key topical trends in academic theory and practice, in focus sessions should be short and snappy with presentations of no more than two speakers delivering in tandem on a core topic. The focus and range can be diverse as it is grounded in academic practice, examples include Gaming as an educational tool.

ADEE Workshop: Can have a focus on any topic in the academic arenas, from student recruitment to assessment and graduation with many phases in-between. However, the focus of the session should be strongly practical based, with an element of learning of core relevant skills in the topic area. An example could be, Cultural Diversity in Dental Education, Train the trainer style sessions and the Use of EBD in delivering education.

ADEE Communities of Practice (COP): Bring together an array of individuals who have a shared area of interest or expertise to share relating to current needs or issues. The aim of the COP is to improve knowledge and skills of members of COP and to bring about change. During 2022, ADEE will introduce a number of COP (please see separate news item) and a limited number of these will be provided meeting space at ADEE 2022.

We will be posting more information in the upcoming days under:

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