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Consultation on ADEE proposed regional structure

Invitation to consult on proposed ADEE regional structure.

ADEE's constitution and structure has been in place for almost 50 years. Over that time the structure has served ADEE well and enabled it to grow to achieve its mission.  Over the intervening years the world has seen considerable change, socially, structurally and indeed geographically. ADEE membership has equally grown and diversified. For ADEE to continue to evolve it is important that the executives structure, size and composition and the mechanisms that support it are fit for purpose. It is in this context that the Executive is offering for consultation the creation of a regional advisory council for ADEE, that will be drawn from members to support and advise the Executive. 

We invite you to listen to the summary presentation by Prof Rui Amaral Mendes that outlines, the rationale for the proposed structure and invite you to provide feedback and comment. We encourage you to look at this from the perspective of ADEE being a representative body of dental and oral health academics, rather than from a historical and geographical stance. In proposing the regions we have tried to link countries with similar academic approaches to the design and delivery of dental and oral health content.

The proposal for the regional council is for one that will enable more local representation and participation in ADEE while also ensuring cohesion at a European level. If successful the Executive is hopeful that the council will become a basis for regionally held meetings, form the basis for recommendations for the ADEE Awards and Scholarships, lead to more locally relevant and contextually valuable activites for our members.

Executive Committee Member

Prof. Dr. Rui Amaral Mendes

We very much welcome your comments and suggestions. Simply email the office.

Having presented the outline proposal to the General Assembly in 2020, the Executive will then commence a 6 month consultation period with membership. The final proposal along with supporting constitutional changes will be tabled at the General Assembly 2021 for ratification once authorised by the Irish Charties Regulator. 

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