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A tour of the Poster Showcase Session 3

Thursday, 8th July 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30
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90 minutes

Focusing on Tech Enhanced Learning and Teaching Methods
ADEE executive members guide you through their selection and encourage you to explore further
Session synopsis: 

The concept of e-posters has been with us for some years at ADEE, however moving our meeting online due to COVID-19 has placed greater emphasis on finding creative ways to incorporate the work of our delegates within our online conference format. In May we held themed selected oral presentations.  Now in this July session we offer a guided exploration of the ADEE 2021 poster showcase on the Learning Toolbox format by theme. Concieved as a walk through the virtual poster hall, the chairs of the session will invite each poster presneter to share briefly (2 mins) the highlight of their poster or to address a spectifc question concerning it.  

This session is hosted by ADEE Executive Members Prof Sibylle Vital, Prof Rui Amaral Mendes and Dr Jean-Michel Saadé and focuses on Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Methods.  

Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of the session delegates will:

  1. Gained insight into the current work of international colleagues 
  2. Explore and critique varied examples of academic posters 
  3. Network with like-minded colleagues 
Video - delegate access only: 
Anusha Chopra A Multi-Centre Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Workshop Teaching to Improve the Confidence of UK and Irish Dental Students wh Teaching Methods
Claire Newey Personalised Learning and Coaching to Improve Student Self-efficacy and Confidence in Pre-clinical Operative Dentistry Teaching Methods
Claudine Wulfman Interest of serious games as preparation tools for OSCE Teaching Methods
Clement Seeballuck Inter faculty production of educational resources. Unite and Conquer! Teaching Methods
Josephine Brodn Reflection as a means to enhance students feeling of comfort with uncertainty. Teaching Methods
Maria Correia Service Learning and the dentist of the future - Pedagogical innovation for the 2030 agenda. Teaching Methods
Nasir Javaid Investigating a Novel Student Feedback App in Postgraduate Dental Education Teaching Methods
Philip Atkin Development of a Specialty Trainee and Trainer Education Forum with Qualitative Content Analysis of Participant Evaluation Teaching Methods
Sarah McKernon Creating a remote learning approach for developing key skills: Suturing at Home Teaching Methods
Senathirajah (RAJ) Ariyaratnam "I am your patient today" An innovative synchronous interactive Teaching and Learning model, simulates clinical environment. Teaching Methods
Clement Seeballuck The merits computer-aided design and 3D printing for the development of training tools Technology Enhanced Learning
Dominic Lloyd Learning through teaching, teaching through learning - the role of video production in dental education. Technology Enhanced Learning
Hege Markussen Alternative clinical practice using recorded video demonstrations for oral radiology - a pandemic measure Technology Enhanced Learning
Marco Antonio Dias da Silva Teledentistry on Instagram. Is it safe? Technology Enhanced Learning
Rafael Lund The self- learning by Brazilian undergraduate dental students through the use of videos available on Internet: results of a nati Technology Enhanced Learning
Sebastiana Arroyo Bote Acquisition of Skills in cavitary carving using virtual reality Technology Enhanced Learning
Sebastiana Arroyo Bote Proposal of dental phantoms to develop practical skills in Dental Aesthetics Technology Enhanced Learning
Tahir Hamza Adapting a postgraduate course to a virtual setting: Problem, solution, and results. Technology Enhanced Learning
Vania Fontanella Use of distance learning technology tools in Brazilian dental schools during the COVID-19 pandemic Technology Enhanced Learning

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