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About the Anniversary

Since its foundation in 1975, ADEE has played an important role by enhancing the quality of education, advancing the professional development of dental educators and supporting research in education and training of oral health personnel. 

Professor Damien Walmsley ADEE President (2014-2015)
officially launching the ADEE Scholarship Programme
at the General Assembly in Riga, Latvia.

The 40th Anniversary Scholarship launched in 2015 is yet another step by ADEE to support the advancement of academic endeavours in dentistry.

The ADEE 40th Anniversary Scholarship is aimed at member schools that currently promoted best practice in dental education through focused projects or by supporting individuals participating in Master and Doctorate programmes in dental education.  

Since 2015 ADEE has distributed a fund of €20,000 among its member schools to promote the advancement of dental education.

You can read about previous recipients here

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