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ADEE 2021: Opening Session and Invited Speaker Jean-Marie Lehn

Tuesday, 4th May 2021 - 16:00 to 17:30
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90 minutes

Prof Jean-Marie Lehn Nobel Laureate
Steps Towards Life: Chemistry!
Session synopsis: 

Welcome to ADEE 2021 and our online series of speaker, special interest groups, workshop and delegate led content. Today we get under way with our first ADEE 2021 session. ADEE President Prof Ilze Akota and Local Organising Committee Chair Prof Agnès Bloch-Zupen welcome you to Strasbourg and ADEE 2021. 

Our opening speaker is Strasbourg native and Nobel Laureate, Prof Jean-Marie Lehn. Prof Lehn who joins us live to present a conceptual debate and augment around core themes in science and shares his love for chemistry and how chemistry provides a bridge that unravels the steps from the molecules of inanimate matter and the highly complex molecular architectures and systems which make up living and thinking organisms. 

16:00 Welcome to Strasbourg
16:03 Welcome to ADEE 2021
Prof Ilze Akota
16:07 Welcome from Dean of the Faculty of Dentitsry University of Strasbourg
Prof Corinne Taddei Gross
16:10 Welcome to Strasbourg and Speaker Introduction
Prof Agnès Bloch-Zupen
16:15 Prof Jean Marie Lehn: Steps towards Chemistry
16:45 Questions and Answers
17:00 This month's highlights outlined
Dr Barry Quinn ADEE Secretary General
17:15 Close
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in the session will enable delegates:

  1. Gain insight into how chemistry plays a central role in the life sciences
  2. Understand the link between chemistry and life
  3. Participate in a conceptual debate 
Call for Abstracts: 

None available for this session 

Video - delegate access only: 

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