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ADEE 2021 SIG Session: Sustainability

Monday, 14th June 2021 - 16:00 to 18:00
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120 minutes

Special Interest Group on Sustainability in Dental Education
Session synopsis: 

Following a very successful session at ADEE’s annual meeting in Berlin (2019) the Special Interest Group for Sustainability Curricula in Dentistry has now published its initial findings:

The next steps involve developing a series of learning outcomes that can be embedded within the GED curriculum. We are delighted to invite curriculum leads to attend this workshop to begin the process.

After sign up, we will allocate individuals into one of the 4 GED domains, and ask for submission of 2-3 learning outcomes that explicitly relate to sustainability in Dentistry. These will then be discussed at the workshop by 4 facilitated groups.

Thereafter, the finalised learning outcomes will be entered into a Delphi style consultation process with wide stakeholder representation across Europe. The aim is to publish the learning outcomes along with guidance for how these could be implemented and assessed – as a consensus paper.

We would be delighted to have you on board and we look forward to seeing you on the 14th June.

16:00 Welcome and introductions
16:05 Overview of work to date
16:20 Developing Sustainability Learning Objectives and outcomes through facilitated breakout work in line with the GED domains
17:20 Feedback from breakouts
17:40 Open discussion
17:50 Next steps
18:00 Close of session
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session will:

  1. Enable delegates debate the pros and cons of including sustainability in the dental curriculum
  2. Enage in the drafting of learning outcome themes and specifics 
  3. Gain understanding of the application of sustainability in dentistry at an international level
Video - delegate access only: 

Dr Brett Duane 

Associate Professor in Public Dental Health, Dublin Dental University Hospital/ Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr Brett Duane graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a degree in dentistry. He has a Masters in Management in Health (University of Newcastle, Australia), a Master’s in Public Health (University of Glasgow) and a PHD in Dentistry (Finland). From 2001-2005 he worked as Senior Dental Officer in an Aboriginal health service. In 2006-2010 he was Assistant Clinical Director (Oral Health Improvement), Scotland. From 2014-2015 he was Consultant in Dental Public Health in Public Health England and is currently Associate Professor in Dental Public Health, at Trinity College, Dublin. His main interests and research are ensuring that the delivery of oral health services are environmentally sustainable. Brett has published ten papers within the area of sustainable dentistry, with a series of seven papers in this area accepted by the British Dental Journal. He has given presentations on the subject to BASCD, to Manchester University, and was keynote speaker at the IADH conference (2017) ADEE (2019) and has run a workshop at AMEE.

Dr James Field

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, Director of Digital Education/National Teaching Fellow, Cardiff University School of Dentistry

Dr James Field is currently a Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry, and also the Cardiff University School of Dentistry's Director of Digital Education. He is a long term active member of ADEE having most recently co- chaired the very successful Bridging the Clinical Gap special interest group and workshop. James is academic lead for the ADEE European DigEdDent (Digital Education in Dentistry) portal, was lead author for the ADEE's Graduating European Dentist Curriculum Taskforce and Global lead for Shaping The Future of Dental Education: Interprofessional Education stream. He also represents Cardiff University as the trans-national partner in O-Health-Edu, an Erasmus+ K2 project to harmonise dental education across Europe.

Dr Jonathan Dixon

Dr Jonathan Dixon, University of Sheffield

Dr Jonathan Dixon is Clinical Academic Fellow in Restorative Dentistry at teh University of Sheffield.  He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry with Honours from Universidad Cardenal Herrera, Valencia, Spain with distinctions in numerous subjects, including: Conservative Dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and Prosthodontics.  After qualifying as a dentist he worked in a variety of dental settings in the UK before starting his role at the University of Sheffield in 2017. He has experience dentistry and dental eductaion in a wide variety of European settings including the UK, Spain and Sweden.

Dr Darshini Alexandra Ramasubbu

Scholar in Sustainability at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford

Darshini is currently a PhD candidate and Problem Based Learning tutor in the Dublin Dental University Hospital, alongside a clinical role in the Irish community dental services. 

She has a Masters in Dental Public Health, and previously held positions as a DPH Clinical Fellow in Health Education England, and as a Scholar in Sustainability at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford. 

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