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ADEE 2021: Still to come in May

We may be half ways through May but we still have three interesting and insightful events to bring you

Wednesday 26th May brings the delivery of the 2nd meeting of heads and deans for 2021. This FEHDD session is focused on Leading with diversity, equity and inclusion and will provide a blend of discussion, debate and practical guidance. The session starts at 15:00 Dublin time and is delivered with the support of Colgate. Ensure you confirm your attendance as soon as possible.


On Thursday 27th we again return to the work and research of our members and share four presentations focusing on the concept of Networking for Dental Education

From transnational networks, social media use, interprofesionalism and supports for newly qualified dentists there is a wide variety being shared. Ensure you join the session live at 12:00 Dublin time.


Thursday 27th also marks our final event for May, yet another milestone for ADEE with the delivery of its first ever multilingual presentation session

Conceived as an update and briefing on ADEE activity and an opportunity to discuss key issues that will shape the direction of ADEE’ next strategy, discussions in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, the Baltic Languages and German will be enabled through shared breakout discussion chaired by members of the ADEE executive past and present.

This session is open to all so do share the registration link with colleagues you think may be interested in participation in ADEE future directions and join us at 16:00 Dublin time.

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