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ADEE 2023 Day Two

Welcome to day two of ADEE 2023!
Don't forget todays events start at the Yoko Ono Lennon Centre with the second plenary of our annual meeting.


If you were not with us yesterday you can collect your registration pack at the main registration area at the ground floor of the Spine from 08:30. The various room allocations for each session are detailed online, or on the meeting app. If you have not downloaded it yet - now might be a good time!

Check you email for your invitation to download and keep and eye to your spam folder as your access code may have ended up there.

WHO Resolution on Oral Health: Implications on education, research and practice

Today's session features a panel of experts discussing the recent WHO Oral Health Action Plan and the implications this may have on our every day lives as oral health educators.

We ask you to be in your seats by 08:50!

Plenary Session kindly supported by:


Directly afterwards you are invited to the exhibition hall at the Spine for a morning coffee and to get our day two workshops, special interest group and communities of practice underway. Dont forget the best way to keep up to date with the programme is through the meeting app.

Enjoy the day and we will see you this evening at the St Georges Hall Social Event.
The ADEE Liverpool Team

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