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ADEE ORAL B Intra/Inter-professional Educator Award

ADEE ORAL B Intra/Inter-professional Educator Award

In Collaboration with our Platinum Partner P&G, ADEE is pleased to invite applications for the ADEE ORAL B Intra/Inter-professional Educator Award.  This award is aimed at fostering and developing academic careers within the Oral Health Education environment particularly those who are engaged in inter-professional education of the dental professions.  It has a focus on recognition of evolving excellence in inter professional dental/oral health education as a means of exemplifying best practice.  The award provides a platform for communicating best practice throughout the ADEE community and further afield.

To be eligible for consideration applicants must demonstrate that they have: 

  1. A minimum of 3 years as a dental/oral health educator.
  2. Evidence of continuous engagement with dental/oral health education.
  3. Evidence of particular strengths and/or innovation in one or more areas of dental/oral health education as it applies to intra/inter professional dental education (e.g. chair-side teaching; lecturing; small group teaching; development of innovative educational material; assessment; curriculum development; student support; participation and noteworthy contribution to ADEE/DentEd working groups or Special Interest Groups or in similar European level associations; collaboration in grant applications for pedagogical research and/or development).
  4. Evidence of educational organisation and management responsibility in own institution (e.g. organiser for a particular inter professional topic within the dental/oral health curriculum).
  5. A list of papers authored or co-authored concerned with dental/oral health education (using Harvard style referencing) published in journals such as the European Journal of Dental Education (EJDE), Journal of Dental Education (JDE), International Journal of Dental Hygiene (IJDH) or similar publications.
  6. Evidence of participation in educational events (e.g. attendance +/- presentation of paper or poster at ADEE meeting; attendance+/- presentation of paper or poster at least one other educational meeting such as the Education Research Group of IADR, Internal Dental Hygienst Federation, European Dental Hygienist Federation, British Dental Nurse Association etc etc).
  7. Evidence of local and national collaboration in oral health educational activities. 
  8. Evidence of basic training as a dental/oral health educator (e.g. attendance at teachers' events; successful completion of ADEE educational courses; successful completion of a Postgraduate Certificate in Education).
  9. Applicants should be active in the professions of oral health education.
  10. Attendance (and preferably presentation of paper or poster) at at-least one ADEE meeting, workshop, special interest group etc.

Application is through the submission a portfolio that contains a brief Curriculum Vitae, reflective commentary (which includes self-evaluation and identification of the need for continuing self-development in education) following the application form available here.

Applicants must comply with the word limits indicated on the Application Form.

The Portfolio must include a letter of support from the Dean or Head of school or from the lead for learning and teaching in their school and university where it is appropriate.

Applicants must also express their willingness to present a poster or paper at the following year’s ADEE annual meeting, and to respond to questionnaires circulated by EDEAC from time to time. (Deans of schools should recognise this requirement for continuing commitment to ADEE and enable their award holder to attend future ADEE meetings).

Successful candidates will be presented to the ADEE Annual General Assembly where they will receive an ADEE ORAL B Intra/Inter-professional Educator Award Certificate and a commemorative award presented by a representative of P&G.

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