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ADEE Presidents, past, present and future

Thursday, 24th June 2021 - 12:00 to 13:30
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90 minutes

Reflection and renewal
A decade of change
Session synopsis: 

You are invited to an informal and casual reflective discussion and interactive session hosted by Prof Michael Botelho (ADEE Regional attaché Far East) where he explores the experiences, aspirations and reflections of ADEE's presidents 2014 to 2023. Designed as a casual discourse we recount ten years of dramatic change within Europe and ADEE. Highlighting the importance of a European Dental Education network and the role it can play in the future. Michael will be joined by: 

Prof Damien Walmsley UK (ADEE President 2014/15)
Prof Corrado Paganelli IT (ADEE President 2016/17)
Prof Stéphanie Tubert Jeannin FR (ADEE President 2018/19)
Prof Ilze Akota LV (ADEE President 2020/21)
Prof Pål Barkvol NO (ADEE President Elect 2022/23)
12:00 Welcome and outline of approach to session
Prof Michael Botelho
12:10 Discussion with ADEE Presidents
13:15 Questions and Answers with delegates
13:30 Close
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session will enable delegates:

  1. Reflect on the evolving status of dental and oral health professionals education and practice within the European content
  2. Identify key milestones in the evolution of dental education in the past decade and draw on these to inform their response to future changes

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