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ADEE Tech Talks & Expo 2021 Part 1

Wednesday, 5th May 2021 - 16:00 to 18:15
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120 minutes

Preclinical clinical dental training
Haptics in dental simulation: To feel the training.
Session synopsis: 

The role played by haptics and virtual reality in undergraduate pre-clinical – clinical training has always been important. However, with the arrival of COVID-19 such tools and techniques are been explored as possible solutions by more and more academics as a means to provide training and assessment to students.

With such diversity in the field and given the considerable investments in technologies that is required, evaluating and selecting a best solution for your context can be a challenge. This session hopes to draw on the wisdom of those who have taken the leap and to offer them the opportunity to share key learnings on how embracing haptics and virtual reality have changed their curriculum and student experience for the better.

This is followed by selected presentations from practitioners and product demonstrations from corporate partners.

16:00 Welcome from Session Chairs:
Marjoke Vervoorn and Carlos Serrano - ACTA, The Netherlands
16:10 Piet Lammertse: Haptics in Dentistry
16:35 Questions & Answers
16:45 Coffee with Corporate Partners

Introduction to the Selected presentations

17:02 The Endodontic Module: A Virtual Reality Endodontic Access Training Module
Kani Sale & Matthew Lie, ACTA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Introducing H.O.P.E
Clement Seeballuck, University of Dundee, UK


Motor imagery versus motor execution in the acquisition of technical skills of dental students
Jorge Jofré, University of Concepción, Chile.

17:32 Open discussion 
17:40 Coporate Partners 2  Minute Pitch 
17:45 Partners expo
18:15 Reflection, lessons learned and upcoming events.
18:30  Close 
Learning Outcomes: 

The session has three learning outcomes:

  1. To enable delegates fully understand the challenges and benefits of embracing haptics and VR in its curriculum development and delivery and to identity key enablers and resisting factors to be aware off
  2. Highlight how Haptics and VR can be utilised to better enable the student and teacher experience
  3. Showcase and keep up to date on evolving trends in the filed so their suitability can be evaluated for practice in your context
Call for Abstracts: 

The call for abstracts for this session of ADEE Teck Talks is now closed however we invite abstracts for presentations to be included in our upcoming session in August. Your presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes in duration and you must be willing to take questions from delegates during the live session. 

Email your submissions to

Video - delegate access only: 

Piet Lammertse

After a career as an aeronautical engineer in flight test evaluation and in satellite attitude control design, Mr. Lammertse in 1998 joined FCS, later Moog-FCS, in order to transfer haptic knowledge from flight simulation technology to the medical field. This resulted in the FCS HapticMaster rehab robot, followed by the Simodont haptic dental trainer and the HelpMeSee haptic eye surgery trainer. Mr Lammertse then moved to Motek (later DIH-Motek) to design a novel haptic exoskeleton for the human arm. Mr. Lammertse retired in 2021, but continues to provide consultancy services and guest lecturing.

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