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Beirut Colleagues appeal for your help to rebuild their institutions and structures

As many will be aware an explosion ripped through the city of Beirut on 4th August 2020. The explosion resulted in 190 deaths, 6,500 injuries, with 40% of Beirut severely damaged and leaving around 300,000 residents with devastated dwellings (Abouzeid et al 2020).

Aftermath of the blast

Sadly our colleagues in the University of Saint Josephs and the Beirut Arab University have both been impacted directly by the blast.

So as to ensure the rebuilding of delivery of training and clinical provision within the institutions and to provide much needed care to local populations these institutions have responded to deliver emergency response and community based care. They are now appealing to international colleagues for financial assistance to help in the rebuilding initiatives.

You can find out more about the endeavours of St Jospeh University of Beirut and the Beirut Arab University by clicking the respective links. They very much appreciate your support and solidarity. 

Abouzeid, M., Habib, R., Jabbour, S., Mokdad, A., Nuwayhid, I., (2020) Lebanon's humanitarian crisis escalates after the Beirut blast, The Lancet Online, 10th September 2020,

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