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December 2021

ADEE 2022 Palma: Call for programme content

ADEE is returning to in-person/hybrid meetings for 2022. Follow the link to the call for programme content to explore more. Ensure you keep your profile up to date and "receive newsletter" active to ensure you have the most up to date information.


ADEE 2022 Institutional Membership

Over the coming weeks the ADEE office will be issuing 2022 Institutional Membership invoices. Please ensure your institutional primary and secondary contacts are up to date. If you need assistance or clarification email Judith who will gladly help you. Remember ADEE Institutional Membership offers excellent value allowing membership rates to all faculty who create an user account linked to your institution.

Membership fees for Institutional Membership remains unchanged since 2014 at just €575 per annum.


Oral Health Professionals’ Education Mapping Exercise

Our O-Health-Edu Erasmus project is advancing well and is now at the data collection stage to enable the mapping of programmes provided within Europe. Once designated institutional contacts complete their survey their schools location will automatically populate on the map and a mini report card is generated so perspective students and other stakeholders can see the services you provide. Check out the O-Health-Edu map and if your schools is not listed encourage your Dean to complete a survey and get on the map.

For more information email


ADEE Communities of Practice

Over the coming months ADEE will facilitate the establishment of relevant communities of practice regarding specific topics or contents of interest to oral health professional’s educators.

If you are interested in establishing a COP or want to find out more click this link.


Increase in incidents of spam and online fraud: Be web wise!

Just a reminder that we have been made aware of a number of online and email scams that are claiming to be associated with ADEE, its' office or members of the Executive. Under no circumstances should anyone transfer money under the guise of it being for ADEE without ensuring it is a valid claim for payment. ADEE committee members do not get paid for participation, nor do they collect or discharge any funding on behalf of ADEE. All committee expenses are paid for directly by the ADEE office.

Any emails claiming to be from members looking for financial support to enable them to do ADEE related activity are fake. We encourage you to follow a simple rule, if you have any doubt then it is very likely to be a fake. To be sure check in with the ADEE office and we will quickly clarify for you.


EJDE issues call for reviewers

The European Journal of Dental Education has seen increasing submission rates during 2020 and 2021 and as a result we are expanding our panel of reviewers. To find out more about the role of a reviewer you may be interested in visiting the Publishers website. If you are interested in joining the panel you can make informal enquiries with the Editor in Chief Dr Ronald Gorter.

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