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Dentistry in Society: Examples from practice

Monday, 5th July 2021 - 17:30 to 18:30
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60 minutes

Dentistry in Society: Examples from practice
An update of the projects who have been recipients of the ADEE GSK Dentistry in Society Scholarship
Session synopsis: 

Since 2018 ADEE and GSK have been delivering the Dentistry in Society Scholarship. Devised to recognise oral health faculty who have embraced the teaching of the Graduating European Dentist 'Dentistry in Society' Domain within their curriculum. In total €15,000 has been distributed to 7 project that showcase innovative ways of integrating wider public oral health initiatives and encouraging students and graduates to see beyond the dental clinic environment. 

Join us for this session where we will update you on the projects to date and be on hand to take your questions on how to apply for this year’s application process.

17:30 Welcome by session chairs Dr Steve Mason and Dr Ronald Gorter   
17:40 Dr Barry Quinn, Kings College London presents the Dr Salter Day Project 
17:47 Dr Michiel Van Der Linden, ACTA presents their project on developing a knowledge clip repository 
17:55 Dr Barry Gibson, Sheffield University shares how their community dentistry assessment methods have evolved 
18:02 Dr Darius Sagheri & Ms Maria Van Harten share Dublin Dental University Hospitals work on the child's first dental visit
18:10 Discussion and Q&A 
18:30  Closing remarks 
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session enables delegates:

  • Gain insight into the dentistry in society domain
  • Understand the role of public dental health in the wider dental curriculum 
  • Critique  colleague’s work in the field of Dentistry in Society 
Call for Abstracts: 

Not applicable for this session.


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