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Diversity and Inclusion in Dentistry
Delivered in collaboration with the European Dental Students Association
Wednesday, 31st March 2021 - 18:00 to 20:00
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120 minutes

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Session synopsis: 

Since the 1997 Amsterdam Treaty, the European Union has pledged to actively promote equal opportunities and fight against discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief or disability. 


Last year Black Lives Matter, reminded us how much of an ongoing issue inequality is in our societies and how the image we form of other people, based on unjust assumptions, can have a profound negative impact on their lives.

With Europe becoming increasingly diverse, recognising the plight behind this movement is essential for our profession to create a culturally competent workforce able to treat all our patients and those around us with the dignity they deserve. 

We have many national and international policies that acknowledge inequalities, but how do we turn these into action once and for good?

Taking into account our regional variations, let's catch the momentum that the Black Lives Matter movement created to explore how these issues can be tackled in our local environments.

Join us in this session as we explore how these issues impact our practice. Together we will unpack how dental education can play a key role in mobilising the profession to be more inclusive for the sake of our colleagues and patients.


Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in the session will enable delegates to understand:

  • Some of the terminology, challenges and proposed benefits of addressing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Some of the implications of unconscious bias to students, our colleagues and patients from underrepresented groups
  • How we can use collaborative approach to address these key issues
Call for Abstracts: 

None available for this session 

18:00 Welcome message from EDSA President James Coughlan and ADEE President Ilze Akota, introduction to Webinar Series
Overview of agenda and how to interact
18:05 Introduction to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Talk
Dr Owens Iguodala
18:10 Why is Unconscious bias harmful?
Prof Francesco Mannocci
18:25 A Collaborative approach to Inclusivity: The Diversity in Dentistry Action Group (DDAG) from the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (England)
Dr Ilona Johnson & Dr Sophia Morris
18:40 TBC
18:55 Panel Discussion: How does dental education create a more inclusive profession?
  • Chair: Dr Owens Iguodala/Dr Upen Patel (TBC)
  • Dr Daniela Timuş 
  • Miss Chinwe Akuonu (final year dental student KCL)
  • TBC
  • TBC
19:45 Closing Remarks 
19:50 End

Owens Iguodala

Policy Officer 2020-2021
​European Dental Students’ Association

Bio to follow 

Chinwe Akuonu

Student Dental Council
King's College London (KCL)
Member of Women in Dentistry KCL & the African Caribbean Association


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