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Ethics and Academic Integrity in Oral Health Education

Thursday, 24th August 2023 - 15:45 to 17:15
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90 Minute

Ethics and Academic Integrity in Oral Health Education
Woolfson Lecture Theatre @ The Spine
Session synopsis: 
Oral Health education is continuously evolving in all its dimensions. With the evolution of technology, artificial intelligence and biological-clinical research new problems are emerging in an ethical perspective.

Oral Health instructors have to deal with these ethical problems on an educational level to ensure academic integrity is respected and on a clinical level in their research and chairside day to day practice.

This session Aims and Objectives:

  • Explore the challenges that are arising in the new era of Oral Health
  • Explore the challenges in Oral Health education and research
  • Collect best practice and explore opportunities and implications in the following domains: Oral health, dentistry, education, and research.
  • Co-construct with attending members, a timetable, and long-term plan of action for the SIG.
  • Publish the results collected and recommendations in one or more publications
15:45 Welcome & Introduction
15:55 Oral presentation by the sig chair on what we know on ethics in daily practice ( clinical dentistry and research)
16:15 Q& A by the audience and collection of clinical situations and potential best practice.
16:35 Presentation on ethics and academic integrity in educational setting and educational research (Dr Jean-Michel Saade
16:55 Q& A on daily problems and potential best practice in light of the presentation
17:10 Next steps and closing remarks: 

Cristina Manzanares

Professor of Human Anatomy and Embryology
University of Barcelona

Cristina graduated in Medicine in 1985 in the Autonomous University of Barcelona and then moved to Louvain (Belgium) where she obtained her PhD by the Catholic University of Louvain in 1988. Associated Professor of the newly founded Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Barcelona in 1989, she was promoted to Professor Titular of Human Anatomy and Embryology in 1992. Her main research interest lies in Bone biology, especially related to craniofacial development and osteointegration, and in the improvement of the teaching of Anatomy and Embryology in dental education.

Cristina was Secretary General as well as European Affairs Officer for ADEE.

Jean-Michel Saadé

Doctor of Dental Surgery MSc MResEd
Saint Joseph University, Lebanon

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