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FEHDD Summer Meeting 2021

Thursday, 26th August 2021 - 11:00 to 12:30
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90 minutes

Oral Health Professional's Education at a Crossroads
An discussion on the World Health Assembly resolution May 2021 on Oral Health
Session synopsis: 

The World Health Assembly approved a resolution that puts oral health back on the global health agenda at its Meeting on May 27th 2021. The resolution acknowledges the global burden of oral diseases and their associations with other conditions. The assembly urges member states to address shared risk factors, enhance the professional capacity of oral health professionals to deliver consistent and quality care and to include oral health in universal health coverage benefit packages. It explicitly calls in member states to:

  1. to frame oral health policies, plans and projects for the management of oral health care according to the vision and political agendas in health projected for 2030, in which oral health is considered as an integral part of general health, responding to the needs and demands of the public for good oral health;
  2. to strengthen cross-sectoral collaboration across key settings, such as schools, communities and workplaces to promote habits and healthy lifestyles, integrating teachers and the family;
  3. to enhance oral health professionals’ capacities to detect potential cases of neglect and abuse, and provide them with the appropriate and effective means to report such cases to the relevant authority according to the national context

Join us on this FEHDD summer session to explore and discuss the implications of this resolution on oral health professionals education, the oral healthcare workforce and how we my prepare our for working  in the professions in a new context of the future.

Learning Outcomes: 

Attendance at this session will:

  • Enable the delegate gain understanding into the recent World Health Assembly resolution on oral health
  • Gain insight into how this may impact oral health professionals education in the coming decades
Video - delegate access only: 

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