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Introduction to ADEE COPs

Friday, 26th August 2022 - 11:00 to 13:00
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CEST (Madrid, Paris, Berlin)

A chaired introduction to some of ADEE's new COPs
Room Allocation: Ibiza 1
Session synopsis: 

During 2022 ADEE instigated the formalisation of Communities of Practice. Under the stewardship of Prof Michael Botelho and the COP Steering Group a  number of COP's have already been authorised and commenced. This interactive and informal but chaired session will guide you though ADEE COP's concept and introduce you to those that have already commenced their activities and what the hope to achieve and what you can expect to experience through participation in one of these COPs


The programme is designed to be interactive and foster discussion and collaboration on the ADEE COP concept

11:00 Welcome
Prof Michael Botelho
11:05 Overview of the ADEE COP concept, its governance and application process
Prof Michael Botelho
11:20 Q&A 
11:30 Chaired Presentation of Commenced COP's
11:35 COP Professionalism
Chair Melanie Nasseripour
11:45 COP Wellbeing and resilience
Chair Shannu Bhatia
11:55 COP Students as collaborators, partners and educators
Chair Viv Binnie
12:05 Q&A with COP chairs
12:15 Discussion opportunities for future COPs
12:30 Informal networking
12:45 Session close
Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session will provide delegates with an:

  1. Understanding of the benefit of participating in ADEE COPs and of what they can expect to pain through participation 
  2. Overview of the COP application process and its oversight and how this links to wider ADEE strategies 
  3. Insight into COPs currently in existence and the process of proposing a new COP to ADEE 

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