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Today at ADEE 2021: 12th May

This week's events at ADEE 2021 focus on our delegates research and other work

Today Wednesday 12th May commencing at 12:00 noon Dublin time we present 3 sessions focusing on selected oral poster presentations. 

Starting at 12:00 Dublin time, we have 6 presentations by colleagues focusing on curriculum and assessment. The selected works are drawn from Chile, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland.

Click here for full details. 

At 14:00 Dublin time we focus on faculty development, IPE and a divers selection of other work. Again the selected works come from our colleagies in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Spain.

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Finally, starting at 16:00 Dublin time, Technology Enhanced Learning, and on Teaching Methods. Presenters come from France, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

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We hope you can join us on one or indeed all of these session and remember you can access via the delegate acccess link for each session.  

You can also now visit the e-poster showcase and explore a full array of delegates up where almost 90 posters will be displayed.

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