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Join us This Thursday as ADEE's 2021 last two days get under way

Thursday 26th August at ADEE 2021

09:00 The Best of ADEE 2021 online is a showcase of the many sessions held online during 2021 highlighting the best of each session and key learning. So why not join us as we highlight the work of our colleagues in the areas of oral health professionals, education and research.

To attend ensure you confirm your registration here

11:00 The FEHDD summer meeting of deans will focus on the World Health Assembly resolution that puts oral health back on the global health agenda and explores with our panel some possible implications this may have on dental and oral health professionals education.

The session is open to Deans and Head and offer free with the ongoing support of Colgate and you are required to pre-register

14:00 Sharing the O-Health-Edu Erasmus project this session is open to all interested persons and will provide you with insight into how your institution can actively participate in this innovative Erasmus project that will shape a vision of Oral Health Professional’s education in 2040 and also provide an interactive hub for institutions to share their programme level information to many stakeholders.

The session is open to all but pre registration is required


We hope you can join us for some or indeed all of these sessions!

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