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Linking real time sessional assessment with longitudinal assessment and feedback to graduate a safe beginner

Tuesday, 11th January 2022 - 16:00 to 17:00
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60 minutes

The CAFS 3.0 system
Delivered in collaboration with Invent Partners & the University of Birmingham UK
Session synopsis: 
Linking real time sessional assessment with longitudinal assessment and feedback to graduate a safe beginner

Join Mr Tom Addison and the team from the School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham UK, as they share their insights of collaboratively working with Invent Partners to evolve their online assessment tool’s most recent update (CAFS 3.0). For the team at Birmingham evolving CAFS so as to ensure it moved to a more integrated, holistic and student lifetime information gathering tool that enables meaningful assessment of the safe beginner at graduation.

By combining these core assessment elements with a student centric recording of evaluation, what has evolved is a valuable integrated product that enables through shared ownership of the assessment process (student/academic), the School has confidence in the graduating student’s competence.

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Learning Outcomes: 

Participation in this session will enable delegates:

Gain insight into the use of technology to enable the blending of real time sessional assessment with longitudinal assessment and feedback See how this was applied in practice within the CAFS systems in use in Birmingham University Dental School

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Thomas Addison

Head of Undergraduate Education, School of Dentistry at the University of Birmingham

Thomas Addison is Head of Undergraduate Education for the School of Dentistry at the University of BirminghamWhen CAFS was introduced to the school in 2013, he was an enthusiastic user as a part time member of staff, however, since 2017, he has taken on responsibility as the CAFS lead for the school, driving several innovative developments. His clinical interest is in endodontics and is responsible for the teaching of dental students during patient treatment sessions in mixed restorative and specialist led clinics.

In referring to the outine of today's session Thomas explains that, 'since the inception of CAFS, the relationship of the assessment, feedback and reflection cycle to the development of technical competency has been an interest to me. I will explore how feedback and reflection is central to the CAFS workflow and look at how innovations in staff calibration and training, as well as student perspectives have driven student attainment, early interventions and enhanced monitoring of our student cohorts. The platform has been central to the reactive approach needed in supporting the school’s recovery during the COVID-19 pandemic'.

Matt Bradley

Director, Invent Partners

Matt Bradley is the director of Invent Partners, a software development company based in York and Dublin. Invent Partners developed the CAFS software for dental schools project in conjunction with the University of Birmingham. CAFS is now used in a number of dental schools, with Invent Parters providing support and development of the product under the management of Matt and his team.

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