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Welcome to ADEE 2021 Strasbourg Online

With our opening session on the horizon we wanted to take a brief opportunity to explain how you can access the various session and how we will communicate to you in advance of the various up coming sessions.

As a registered delegate you can now access a ‘Delegate Access’ option within the 2021 meeting menu options. 

To see this option you must be a registered delegate and you must be logged into your user account. If you receive this email you are already a registered delegate so just make sure you log in! Clicking this link brings you to a modified version of the meeting programme where you will be able to see addition information which includes the zoom access link.

In most cases all you need to do is click in at the required time and you will be taken to Zoom. In some instances where we intend using smaller breakout sessions you may be required to register within Zoom some additional information so we can allocate you correctly.

From within each individual event you can now export the date, time and title details to your diary. Please remember times and dates can change due to reasons beyond our control so we encourage you to visit the online programme to keep up.

You can now also download a printable version of the programme by clicking here.

You will receive regular email updates outlining what events are upcoming in the next 7 to 14 days and a final reminder of each event approximately 3 to 6 hours before it begins.

We hope that by providing this information you will be able to attend as many sessions as you possibly can starting with our opening session on Tuesday 4th May at 16:00 hrs Dublin time. The ADEE executive and our colleagues in Strasbourg look forward to seeing you all online in the coming weeks and until then should you have any questions, do not hesitate to email

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