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ADEE & GDC host Symposium at IADR: "The End of CPD as we know it!"

ADEE, through its project team, participated in the recent IADR (International Association for Dental Research) meeting, held in Vancouver - Canada from 19-22 June 2019. 

The ADEE project team delivered a Symposium entitled “The End of CPD as we know it!” The Symposium was organised under the auspices of the Education Research Group of IADR, and disseminated the findings from the recent partnership between ADEE and GDC, resulting in the “Review of the Literature on Continuing Professional Development”. This project was timely given the fact that many healthcare and non-healthcare related regulatory bodies are strengthening their CPD requirements for their registrants. Results revealed a shift to outcome-based models with an emphasis on personal development planning, e-portfolios, reflective practice and mentoring. It seems the focus is a definite move towards quality rather than relying solely on quantity, promoting engagement between registrants and their regulatory bodies and encouraging ownership and responsibility for CPD by registrants.

IADR Panel

Sponsoring Scientific Groups / Networks of the Symposium were: IADR Education Research Group, Association for Dental Education in Europe, Clinical and Translational Science Network, IADR Nutrition Group, IADR Oral Medicine and Pathology Group and the General Dental Council UK.

Four main themes were addressed during the Symposium:

  1. “Interaction in CPD activities” - Peer-learning, Mentoring, Reflective Practice
  2. “E-learning” -  Innovative developments in continuing education
  3. “Insight and Intelligence gathering”- how do they influence registrants, CPD providers and regulatory bodies
  4. “No more time serving!”- the move towards Qualitative-based CPD policies

The symposium was co-chaired by the project team lead, Prof Jon Cowpe and the President of ADEE, Stephanie Tubert-Jeanin. The four themes were presented by the project team members: Alison Bullock and Emma Barnes (Cardiff University, UK), Argyro Kavadella (University of Athens, Greece) and Barry Quinn (King’s College London, UK). In addition, Jessica Rothnie, from the GDC, presented the GDC’s perspective and confirmed the importance of this research for the development of future policies on CPD. The Symposium was delivered in an interactive manner, facilitating  the attendees to actively participate in the process:  in between the presentations, as well as at the end, questions were posed to the attendees, in relation to the content, which they could answer either in written form or orally. Their answers were assimilated and then presented during the concluding remarks by the Jon Cowpe (Cardiff University, UK).

ADEE’s participation in the IADR meeting through the Symposium strengthens its position among the important stakeholders in the continuing education landscape worldwide, which underpins Life Long Learning for professionals. ADEE has a devoted group of experts who have researched the subject of dental continuing education through initiatives, such as the DentCPDEuropean project (2010-2012), the ADEE SIGs and working groups and recently the GDC literature survey and the IADR Symposium.

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