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Vision and Charter

Welcome to the O-Health-Edu Vision for Oral Health Professional Education in Europe!

This page reports the consensus view in developing a renewed vision for Oral Health Professional (OHP) education across Europe, and forms part of a larger EU-funded collaborative Erasmus+ project, ‘O-Health-Edu’.

The Vision is displayed below but you can also download this and use as you see fit.

The Vision aligns with the World Health Organisation milestones (2016) and resolutions (2021), and EU4Health programme (2020) objectives - and projects 20 years into the future, to 2040. This longitudinal vision takes a multi-stakeholder perspective to deliver OHP education that acts in the best interests of both students and patients, and sits within the context of a wider strategy for general health.

Further details of the process are currently in publication and a copy of the open access paper will be available here in due course.

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